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Best Mexican food by a mile and for miles around! And yes, I'm pulling the I'm-from-Cali card, so I do know best. ;) The burritos are huge, packed with fresh ingredients, actual properly seasoned rice, and a tortilla folded properly. I should not ever have to mention that, but most places in NYC don't know how to fold a damn burrito so that it's snug and won't come undone. The owner is the sweetest guy you'll ever meet, and the order generally comes before expected. I just wish they didn't use plastic utensils. No restaurant should be using plastic utensils at this point. Let's all work on minimizing the takeout carbon footprint! Enjoy!


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I had to find a new spot to order tacos from, so I tried this place. Very pleased with this restaurant. Not only with the food, but the consistency of food as well as the delivery time.

However, they've yet send the sour cream that the menu mentions and once they forgot my limes. Having said that, I will continue to order from them.

The tacos have been great, the burrito bowl was full and hearty and the chips are the closest I'm going to find to Chipotle's.


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I love frijolitos! The food is excellent, and the service is great. The first time they made a small mistake - forgetting my guacamole - they were extremely apologetic and credited me immediately. It was a busy Saturday night, so I couldnt expect them to race it to me, besides, Id have been done with my meal anyway. Absolutely my go-to Mexican.


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Love this place! Their food is on point, delivery time is always super fast, and the packaging is perfect (not to mention environmentally friendly too!). My only hesitation at times is the $15 minimum. For one person, that requires ordering a ton of food. I feel like $10-12 would be a little bit more reasonable. Regardless, everything else is amazing.


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By far the best Mexican food I've had in New York. Being from California, I find it really difficult to find a decent taco or burrito in NYC. Frijolitos is the exception. Authentic taste and lightning-fast delivery. Love this place.

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My order arrived early. My burrito was sinfully delicious. The guac was top-notch. The chips were perfectly salty. The delivery person was so friendly. GIVE FRIJOLITOS YOUR MONEY. YOU WON'T REGRET IT.

If you really want a truly satisfying chips & guac experience, I recommend spending $2.50 for an extra serving of guacamole. Because you'll run out of the guac before you run out of chips and lament that you don't have more. But when you actually DO have more--wow, what a feeling.


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Ummm this place is unreal!!! Its so good its hard to even wrap my mind around. I cannot believe that a restaurant this small can deliver such good food. The veggie burrito and the veggie quesadillas are the best I ever ate in Manhattan. The portions are huge and the prices are super low. One burrito is probably big enough for two people of standard hungers. I get my own when I am feeling ravenous. Great place. I highly highly recommended.


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Friolito's is a rare gem to find among so many small taco joints. A through and through mom and pop shop with amazing authentic cuisine. I highly recommend this place not just because of the food but because of the owners. Working kitchen, cashier, and delivery nearly by themselves and clearly taking the care to make their customers happy with a warm professionalism. Can not praise this place enough.


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Frijolitos is delicious, the best Mexican Food in West Harlem, by far. The veggie burrito they serve avoids the common flaw of dumping a confetti of veggies uncharacteristic of Mexican cuisine so common at other eateries. The veggie burrito at Frijolitos focuses on fundamental and traditionally Mexican high quality ingredients to much success! They also have Jarritos Tamarind soda!


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Frijolito's is by far the best Mexican restaurant in Harlem/Hamilton Heights. I've ordered from them both over the phone (I'm a non Spanish speaker) and on Seamless and they have been nothing but professional, friendly, and delivered food that taste authentic and delicious! The Burritas Frijolitos are particularly amazing! Highly recommended.

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